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Katie Shannon

Tennis Center Ops Supervisor

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Check here for updates on court availability, weather updates affecting court play, tennis clinic information, Auburn University matches and practices, and general information updates.

Indoor/Outdoor Hard Court Auburn University Schedule/Event Schedule

Friday February 16
Practice from 8am-11am
Practice from 12:30pm-4pm

Saturday February 17
Match Day No courts available
AU Women vs Michigan St @ 12pm
AU Women vs Samford @ 6pm

Sunday February 18
Available 8am-9pm

Monday February 19
Practice from 8am-11am

Tuesday February 20
Practice from 8am-10:30am
Practice from 12:30pm-4pm

Wednesday February 21
Practice from 8am-11am
Practice from 12:30pm-4pm

Please call for reservations and availability. Court scheduling is subject to change.


Hey everybody!!

It’s time for our 2018 Auburn USTA Leagues to get started. Up first, Flex League. This is a great League for all playing levels (2.5 – 5.0) and ages (18+ - 65+). It’s a fun league because there’s no pressure to win every match, no one advances to State for winning the League, when the season is complete, that’s it. The format will be doubles, with the possibility of 1 singles line. I’m encouraging captains to form teams, however, if you do not have a team to play on, you can respond to this email by Monday, February 19th and I’ll get you on a team. Please include in your response, your contact information (cell phone and email) and your current rating (2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0). If you do not have a current USTA membership, let me know and I can send you information on how to get one or renew one.

Play is set to begin Tuesday, February 27th for the men and Thursday, March 1st for the women. The season will last 7 weeks, skipping the week of spring break for Auburn University and Auburn public schools, which is March 12th – 16th. All matches will start at 6:30pm at Yarbrough Tennis Center. All matches will play a 10 point tiebreak in lieu of a third set. All matches will be played on the clay courts, unless weather forces us inside. The league fee is $28. Balls will be provided for every match. If you’re not a member of the Yarbrough Tennis Center, you’ll have to pay $5 each time you play, to cover the clay court cost. If we have to use the indoor courts at Yarbrough, the cost is $7.50.

One of the great things about Flex League is, win or lose, your rating won’t be affected. Let me repeat, win or lose, your rating won’t be affected, so no one will get bumped up from playing in this League. Looking forward to hearing from you. Questions or concerns, let me know. Thanks.

Kevin Fichtner
Auburn USTA Local League Coordinator