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Meet Our Tech Startups

Discover some of Auburn’s tech startups in the concept and seed stages. These innovative companies employ creative technology applications or scientific developments which may range from software development to robotics, from cutting-edge to re-imagined industries, and more!


Concept stage companies are in the early process of developing their business, are still in the process of customer discovery, are typically pre-revenue and have less than $250K raised in capital investment.


Seed stage companies are building customers, are approaching commercialization, have some revenue and have procured less than $2M in capital investment.


CryoXcel is a U.S. manufacturer of innovative whole body cryotherapy chambers and other cold therapy products.


FetchMe Delivery, delivering ease for your everyday needs.


Flashtract: It's 2020 and construction paperwork is still confusing, error-prone, and hard to track. Get your construction company on the right path for growth with Flashtract — the new standard in construction billing and payment documents.


SWIGRO is an innovative additive manufacturing solutions company offering the manufacturing industry the most advanced equipment, contract manufacturing capabilities, design and support services, with the best user experience.


Tennibot is the world’s first autonomous tennis assistant.

Know of more tech startups in Auburn?

This not a complete list. If you know of another Auburn tech startup that should be featured here, tell us!