Administrative Operations

  1. Public Safety
  2. Police

Public Safety

161 N Ross St

  1. Email:
  2. Phone: (334) 501-3110
  3. Hours:  M-F: 8AM-5PM

Scott Mingus


  1. Phone: (334) 501-3131
  2. Email:
Our Administrative Operations Commander is Captain Scott Mingus. His office is located in the Public Safety Administration Building at 161 N. Ross St. He may be contacted at (334) 501-3110 during normal business hours or emailed at He is assisted by Lieutenant Kenny Frazier who may be contacted by phone at (334) 501-3130 during normal business hours. In addition to overseeing Administrative Operations, Captain Mingus is the Commander of our Narcotics Section and SWAT team. He is assisted by Lieutenant Tyrone Guice in leading the Narcotics Section and Lieutenant Jody Hillyer in leading the SWAT team. Lieutenant Guice may be reached by calling (334) 501-3140 and Lieutenant Hillyer may be reached by calling (334) 501-7344 during normal business hours.