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Justice Wahid Cotton

Justice Wahid Cotton

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  1. The Planning Commission, in cooperation with the Planning Director and staff, shall study land use and development trends, collect data, analyze such information, and prepare a set of official policies for the future growth and development of the City. These policies shall collectively be known as the Comprehensive Plan.
  2. The Planning Commission shall revise and update the Comprehensive Plan at intervals not exceeding five (5) years, or as justified by changing circumstances.
  3. The Planning Commission shall study and report on all proposed amendments to the text of this ordinance referred to it by the City Council. When reviewing any such proposed amendments, the Planning Commission shall, within 45 days of receipt of same from the Planning Director, submit its recommendations and findings to the City Council.
  4. The Planning Commission shall study and report on all proposed amendments to the Official Zoning Map, the procedure for which is contained in Article 9 of the Auburn Zoning Ordinance.
  5. The Planning Commission shall review and approve, or approve with conditions, all site plans submitted to it by the Planning Director in accordance with Article 8 of the Auburn Zoning Ordinance.
  6. The Planning Commission shall hear all applications for conditional use permits and shall make a report and recommendation to the City Council in accordance with Article 8 of the Auburn Zoning Ordinance.
  7. The Planning Commission shall:
    • Analyze the extent to which development has occurred in Auburn as compared to the projected growth at the time of the last previous mapping of the districts created by the Auburn Zoning Ordinance.
    • Recommend any changes in the mapping of Auburn, particularly in the mapping of the Comprehensive Development District (CDD) and the Limited Development District, (LDD), which would be required in order to accommodate the expected twenty-year growth of Auburn for residential, industrial, commercial, and other land uses.
    • Analyze the continued validity of any other regulations imposed by this Ordinance in terms of changed conditions since the last review.
  8. The Planning Commission shall cause the posting of notice in the form of a sign on property that is subject to a public hearing for rezoning, text amendments, a conditional use permit, or other matters which may come before it.
  9. The Planning Commission shall review the character, location, and extent of any street, square, park or other public way, ground or open space or public building or structure or major utility project, whether publicly or privately owned, in accordance with Section 11-52-11 of the Code of Alabama of 1975, as amended.
Board Details Enabling Legislation
Consists of nine members Section 17-17 of the Auburn City Code; Section 11-52-3(a) of the Code of Alabama
Mayor nominates, Council appoints Section 17-20 of the Auburn City Code; Section 11-52-15 of the Code of Alabama
Qualifications: Members may not be Auburn City Council members or be an employee of the City of Auburn Section 11-52-15 of the Code of Alabama
Six-year terms Section 11-52-3(c) Code of Alabama
Meets the second Thursday of every month at 5 p.m. in the Council Chamber Set by Commission, the Commission shall hold at least one regular meeting in each month - Section 11-52-4 of the Code of Alabama