Disposing of Propane Tanks Responsibly

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Many residents use propane gas tanks to heat their homes, power the grill, or to warm a camp stove. Remember, when the propane tanks are ready to be disposed of it is important to do so responsibly.

Typically, propane grill tanks last around 10 years and in the meantime, they can be refilled at places like U-Haul or Lowe’s. Propane tanks are designed to be reused as long as they are kept in good condition, free of rust and dents. All you need to do when your tank seems empty is to safely disconnect it from the grill, bring it to a local store that offers refills and they will either swap your tank in for a new full one or fill your tank up, both of which are done at a reduced rate just for bringing in an old tank that’s in good condition.


When it is time for a replacement never, under any circumstances, throw the old tank into your garbage cart, recycling cart, or in the scrap metal bin at the Recycle Auburn Drop-Off Center. There is a high chance that there is still remaining flammable gas left in the tank which makes it hazardous to the crew performing collections.

Here in the City of Auburn we have a Household Hazardous Waste event hosted twice a year where propane grill tanks and camp stove cylinders can be handled by professionals, completely emptied and then recycled for scrap. This is the only safe option we have available for our residents to dispose of propane tanks. For more information regarding our Household Hazardous Waste event click the link here.