Irrigation Meter Facts

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There is no sewer charge associated with irrigation meters. Irrigation meters are charged only for water usage and utility tax.

The Auburn Water Works Board's (AWWB) responsibility is to set and maintain the irrigation meters. The Board does not install or maintain irrigation systems.

The Auburn Water Works Board allows customers a one-time high bill adjustment per three-year period for irrigation meters. Irrigation systems are frequently installed at an insufficient depth, on the public right of way, and in areas of property subject to breakage. Typically, irrigation systems are not inspected for code compliance nor are the standards for piping very high. The Board suggests that owners monitor their irrigation systems very closely and turn them off when not in use to reduce the risk of lost water and a potentially high bill.

During a water crisis, irrigation meter usages are the first to be curtailed. Water must be reserved for domestic consumption.

If you have any further questions regarding irrigation meters, please contact the Utility Billing Office.