Construction, Maintenance and Repair Division

  1. Water Resource Management
  2. Sewer
Water Resource Management

The Bailey-Alexander Complex

1501 W Samford Ave

Mikel Thompson

Mikel Thompson

Collection System Manager

  • The Construction, Maintenance and Repair Division is well versed in sewer system infrastructure construction, maintenance and repair. The work of this division consists of providing services for the construction and installation of city initiated and implemented wastewater and watershed projects for the Water Resource Management department. This division is also charged with performing routine and preventative maintenance as well as any other associated repair work needed on existing sanitary sewer infrastructure. Other duties for this division range from tasks such as responding to routine calls for service to that of creek bank restoration and stabilization projects. The assignments for the staff in this division are often very diverse.
  • The Construction, Maintenance and Repair Division provides sanitary sewer service to approximately 20,180 customer accounts and responds to approximately 250-300 sanitary sewer calls-for-service annually.