Tree FAQs

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Anne Randle

Anne Randle

Urban Forestry Specialist

How are Tree Commission members selected?

Citizens can volunteer to be a member of the Tree Commission by submitting a resume to the members of the City Council, who make the final appointment.

How do I donate a tree?

By making a donation to the Tree Trust. The Tree Commission will work with city staff to purchase and plant a tree in a designated public space.

What does the City Tree Ordinance Cover?

Auburn's Municipal Tree Ordinance (Ordinance #1875) establishes methods for maintenance, protection, removal and replacement of trees on public property and to provide penalties for the violation thereof.

Do I have to get permission to cut down a healthy tree in my yard?

No. Trees on private property are not regulated by the City of Auburn. However, if the tree is located on City right of way, you must obtain a Street Tree Permit for any removal or pruning.

How can I learn about planting and caring for trees?

Visit our Tree Care page, or find more information from the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service or the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Should I stake my newly planted trees?


Young newly planted trees need to be able to sway to stimulate root growth. Only columnar form trees should be staked in our environment. Stakes should be tied loosely and removed in the second year. Do not use wire to stake trees.

The majority of tree injury found in Auburn is a result of improper tree staking. It often causes more harm than good. It can cause injury to bark, and eventually the tree will grow over any materials which can girdle the tree within just two or three years. Choosing a well-formed tree and planting it correctly is far more valuable to long-term health than staking.

I've got sawdust at the bottom of my pine tree. What does this mean?

You probably have a Southern Pine Beetle infestation. Visit for more information on identifying pine beetles.

I am adding-on to my home. How can I protect the existing trees on my lot from the construction equipment?

Talk to your builder to confirm his or her plans for protecting your trees and other landscape. The following web sites offer advice on protecting and saving trees during construction:

Protecting Trees from Construction Damage: A Homeowner's Guide

Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction

Treatment of Trees Damaged By Construction