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In years past, the Citizen Survey was facilitated on an annual basis, however starting in 2018 the survey will be conducted every other year to better align with the City’s Biennial Budget. The first Citizen Survey for the Auburn community was completed in 1985, and a Citizen Survey was conducted in Auburn every year from 1987-2018. Archived Citizen Surveys can be found at the links below, dating back to the 2005 Citizen Survey.

The goal of the Citizen Survey is to gauge citizen satisfaction regarding issues of governmental performance and community priorities. The City of Auburn is proud to continue its commitment to strong citizen participation through its Biennial Citizen Survey. The Citizen Survey has been a regular part of the City's planning processes ever since its inception, providing trend data that helps measure where certain areas have improved or where attention may be needed. The citizen input and feedback inform budget priorities and shape policy decisions.

The Citizen Survey is facilitated through a consultant group and is mailed to a random sample that is representative of the citizens in our community. To ensure the results are statistically valid, the survey is conducted according to best practices of the consultant group.

2020 Survey Report

2020 Survey Presentation