Wright Street Improvements - Phase 2

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Development Services Building

171 N Ross St

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  2. Phone: (334) 501-3000
  3. Hours:  M-F: 7:30AM-4:30AM

Alison Frazier, P.E., CFM

Engineering Services Director / City Engineer

  1. Phone: (334) 501-3000
  2. Email: afrazier@auburnalabama.org

Project Description

Resurfacing and restriping of Wright Street, including crosswalks at Glenn Avenue and Magnolia Avenue.

Additional Information

Recently, two large scale student housing developments, accessing Wright Street, were approved. The current one-way street configuration with on-street parking will cause traffic delays at the intersection of Wright Street and West Glenn Avenue necessitating the installation of a traffic signal. In lieu of installing a traffic signal the City Engineer recommended that the street be returned to two-way traffic to facilitate ingress/egress. A major overhaul of the street is necessary to ensure the proper functioning and safety of pedestrians that will traverse the street. The inclusion of a communal garbage compactor is a possible addition to this project.

The project will begin this Fall and is anticipated to be completed this Winter. D & J Enterprises, Inc. is the contractor for the project.