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Development Services Building

171 N Ross St

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Alison Frazier, P.E., CFM

Acting Public Works Director / City Engineer

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New Public Safety Center

Phase 1 of the new Public Safety Center plan is designed to meet the current and future space needs of modern law enforcement and fire personnel in a highly secure, yet customer-focused facility of an appropriate scale that is expected to be a catalyst for redevelopment in the surrounding Urban Neighborhood East zoning district.

The project includes demolition of Fire Station #1 and several outbuildings and construction of a new 69,549 square foot, two-story building housing police, fire municipal court and the City Council. Upon completion of the building, the existing Police/Court building would be demolished, making way for additional parking. Phase 1 would also include additional site improvements and pedestrian improvements along Ross Street and Magnolia Avenue. By constructing the building on the site of Fire Station #1 and parking lot, Police and Municipal Court staff and services would not require temporary relocations, avoiding significant non-recoverable costs and major impacts on those services.

The building will have three distinct facades, with Fire Station #1 fronting Magnolia Avenue, the Auburn Police Division facing Ross Street and the Municipal Court and City Council Chambers facing north towards the interior of the site. When Auburn’s growth warrants, the City Council Chambers will become a second courtroom, with Council Chambers moving to a future building in the complex. While the building features adequate expansion for all operations for the foreseeable future, long-term (20+ years) growth needs in the Police Division will be met through additional precincts or substations.

Phase 1 is expected to include the use of several green infrastructure elements, and is planned to include a partial daylighting of Town Creek, which is currently piped under the complex.


Aerial view of Phase 1 facing west

View from Magnolia facing north

View from Magnolia and Ross facing northwest

View from Ross Street facing west - Police and Public Safety Administrative Division

View from center of complex south - Municipal Court & City Council Chambers

View of interior secured vehicle courtyard facing east