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Public Safety

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Paul Register

Chief of Police

  1. Phone: (334) 501-3120
  2. Email: pregister@auburnalabama.org

I am proud to have served as a member of the Auburn Police Division for over 29 years. We are unique in that we not only serve the Citizens of Auburn but also, since 2004, act as the police force for the campus of Auburn University. The men and women of the Auburn Police Division function in a manner responsive to community needs, daily input, and feedback from the Annual Citizen Survey. We believe in “community” and urge our officers to play an active role throughout the community rather than simply working in it. We value the support of our citizenry and embrace the principles of community policing.

We proudly serve over 62,000 residents, over 27,000 Auburn University students, and keep over 100,000 people safe during Auburn University home football games. We require members of the Auburn Police Division be proactive in preventing and solving crimes by engaging in contact with those in the community. Through activities such as neighborhood and business patrols, traffic stops, field interviews, foot patrols, and community meetings we demonstrate a visible police presence in order to deter crime.

During several weekends each fall, our community swells to well over 100,000 people as fans travel to our city for an exciting weekend on the Plains. We benefit from the assistance of approximately 15 state and local agencies, including our neighbors from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Opelika Police Department. We provide School Resource Officers to the greatest schools in Alabama and develop valuable relationships with youth in our community. We staff three federal task forces with members of our division to reach further than the city limits in hopes of preventing drugs and crime from affecting our community. The Auburn Police Division is only one part of what makes Auburn a great place to live and work. We seek your input and encourage you to contact us should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. There is no substitute for an engaged citizenry; you are the eyes and ears of the community. Therefore, we urge you to report suspicious activity and assist in our effort to prevent crime and prosecute offenders. Personally, I invite you to attend our annual Citizens’ Public Safety Academy to learn more about those serving you each day. Please feel free to contact me directly at pregister@auburnalabama.org. Your feedback is the gauge by which we operate.

Paul Register
Chief of Police

Auburn Police Division 2016 Statistics:

Total Calls: 191,341
Traffic Stops: 26,224
Residential/Business Checks: 97,031
Arrests: 2,187

*For information regarding crime statistics, please see our Uniform Crime Reporting statistics table.