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Gabrielle Filgo

Gabrielle Filgo

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Is it icky, sticky or slimy? Can you race roly polies?  How about finding animal tracks? Or make friendsssss with a scaly animal? If it's gross, we've got it!

Fresh Air Family's Gross Out Camp introduces the best, the worst, and the grossest wonders nature has to offer. It's the kind of science kids love - hands-on, a bit disgusting, in the Great Outdoors. It's an award=-winning science camp for campers entering first through fourth grade (ages 6-10). (It's science, but please don't tell the kids!).

Fresh Air Family is offering Gross Out Day Camp outside, in the nature habitat of children. Taught by expert naturalists and instructors with advanced science degrees, the campers explore their world to discover zoology in the form of decomposers (worms), centipedes (bugs), crustaceans (roly polies and crawdads) and the occasional lizard (skink). Campers learn about polymers (slime), Isaac Newton (oobleck), and chemical reactions (vinegar and baking soda). The week-long camp is limited to 20 to 25 children the perfect class size for learning.

Camps cater to working parents and runs from 9am - 5pm, with an option for 8am - 6pm, Monday through Friday. $250 per week or $280 per week with extended care.

Camp Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm or 8:00am - 6:00pm (extended care)


Session 1: May 31 - June 3 at Town Creek Park

Session 2: June 20 - June 24 at Town Creek Park

Session 3: July 11 - July 15 at Town Creek Park

Session 4: August 1 - August 5 at Kiesel Park

For more information regarding Gross Out Camps, please email Verna Gates and Amanda Clark at [email protected]/[email protected] or call 205-540-6642/205-777-1851. Additional information can be found on their website.