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Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center

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Sara Hand Custer

Cultural Arts Director

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Auburn Area Community Theatre

The Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center (JDCAC) is home to the Auburn Area Community Theatre (AACT). In partnership with the JDCAC, AACT is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity for education and participation in the theatre community. AACT presents quality, entertaining and thought-provoking theatre experiences to our cultural community. In addition to theatrical performances, AACT provides a number of workshops and summer camps to area residents.

Make sure to visit their website at and check out their Facebook page at

Upcoming AACT Auditions and Productions

Jr. Performers Present The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

“The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” by Joseph Robinette is a stage adaptation of C.S Lewis’ beloved children’s book. Join us for this great adventure following the Pevensie children as they explore the fantastical world of Narnia. Faced with lion’s witches, fawn and more, Peter, Lucy, Susan and Edmund must learn to work together as a family and overcome their differences to save Narnia and fulfill the prophecy. $10/adults, $8/students and seniors. Tickets can be purchased at Ticket info. line: (334) 332-0881.

Age(s)                     Day(s)                    Date(s)           Time             Location
All ages                                                                                             JDCAC
Performances:         F                            3/1 & 3/8         6:30 p.m.
                                SA                          3/2 & 3/9         6:30 p.m.
                                M                            3/4                  6:30 p.m.
                                R                             3/7                  6:30 p.m.
Matinee:                  SA                           3/2 & 3/9         2 p.m.
Director: Cameron Carmello • (334) 663-6432 •

The Last Round-Up of the Guacamole Queens Auditions

Open auditions for “The Last Round-Up of the Guacamole Queens!” No previous experience necessary! Nine (9) women and four (4) men are needed for this delicious, Southern-Fried comedy. The Verdeen cousins from Sweetgum, Texas are at it again! Gaybelle is reeling from the demise of her loathsome ex-husband, amorous Cousin Peaches can’t find a date because men over 50 are horrified at her job as a morturarial cosmetologist. Hot-tempered Jimmy Wyvett is the no-nonsense owner of the Wide Bride Bridal Boutique, trying to live down an on-air cat fight with a local televangelist. Other great roles include charming 80 year-old Uncle Aubrey, who is secretly romancing two sisters at the same time, CeCe, the talk show host, haughty Aunt LaMerle, and a mysterious classmate from back in the day, whose “best-friend” is his evil hand-puppet! AACT needs you for this cast of crazy characters, ages 16-80’s! Come audition either or both days and read from the script provided.

Age(s)                    Day(s)               Date(s)               Time              Location
16+                                                                                                   JDCAC

Auditions:              MT                     2/25, 26              6 – 8 p.m.
Callbacks:              R                        2/28                   6 – 9 p.m.
Rehearsals:           M,T,R                3/18 – 5/9           6 – 9 p.m.
Tech Rehearsals:  M,T,W,R            5/6 – 5/9             6 – 10 p.m.
Dress Rehearsals: R                       5/9                      6 – 10 p.m.
Director: Terry Kelley • (334) 728-8659 •

The Last Round-Up of the Guacamole Queens

AACT presents “The Last Round-Up of the Guacamole Queens!” This deliciously Southern-fried comedy, the Verdeen cousins of Sweetgum, Texas are up against the clock as they frantically attempt to produce the ultimate high school reunion before the old building is demolished. Their scramble to prepare the perfect event, impress the governor, and keep their business afloat is interrupted by the exploits of their beloved Uncle Aubrey, who is in danger of getting throttled by the two octogenarian sisters he is simultaneously wooing, and by threats from their self-righteous Aunt LaMerle, who is determined to be crowned the final and forever Guacamole Queen. That’s before Peaches makes a date with a former classmate whose hand-puppet has a score to settle. If you remember AACT’s “Red Velvet Cake Wars,” you won’t want to miss this! This gut busting farce will make you laugh so hard, you might consider going to your own class reunion! $12/adults, $10/students and seniors. Tickets available at

Age(s)                  Day(s)              Date(s)              Time                 Location
All ages                                                                                           JDCAC
Performances:      F                      5/10, 5/17          7 p.m.
                             SA                    5/11, 5/18          7 p.m.
                             R                      5/16                   7 p.m.
                             SU                    5/12, 5/19          2 p.m.
Director: Terry Kelley • (334) 728-8659 •