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Tyler Whitten

Tyler Whitten

Library Director

A Rewarding Experience

Are you interested in volunteering at the Auburn Public Library? Volunteering is a rewarding and valuable experience. As a volunteer, you will actively contribute to the mission and success of the library. Volunteers are special to the library, and we make every effort to ensure a positive, pleasant, and productive service environment.

Who Are Our Volunteers and What Do They Do?

Our volunteers reflect our community. We recruit students, library patrons, people involved with community organizations, and those who want to make a meaningful contribution to the library. Our volunteers help in many areas of the library; volunteers provide assistance with crafts and programs, shelve books, and assist with department maintenance. We invite you to fill out an application if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

How to Apply

The Library is not currently accepting applications for volunteer service. Please check back for future opportunities.