Strategic Plan

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Chris Warren

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The Auburn Public Library (APL) is developing a strategic plan to guide decisions about collections, programs, facilities and services for FY 2021 through FY 2024.


Public Input

Public input was gathered through town hall meetings and an online feedback form to gather what the community loves about the library and where the community thinks the library could improve.

The Ivy Group, the consultancy firm facilitating the development of the strategic plan, is kicking off a telephone survey to further gauge the public's input about the Auburn Public Library. Residents may receive a call and are encouraged to take part in the survey.


Next Steps

Moving forward, Auburn Public Library staff members will meet with the Ivy Group to review the findings of the public input period and conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis in September 2019. The Ivy Group will also conduct a planning summit with the entire library staff.

The plan is expected to go before the Auburn Public Library Board for adoption in February 2020 and go to the Auburn City Council in March 2020.