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  1. Auburn Public Library

Auburn Public Library

749 E Thach Ave

Cynthia L. Ledbetter

Cynthia L. Ledbetter

engagement and outreach lib

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Our Impact:

  • "As an Auburn resident for 20 years, I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for the Auburn Public Library. It is truly a community gem. The Auburn Public Library has played an important role in my now 11-year-old son’s educational journey. Since he was a toddler, we have regularly enjoyed the library’s programming for children and families. Your shelves have nurtured his curiosity and helped answer many of his questions about everything from American presidents to World War II to the Civil Rights Movement to the histories and cultures of countries we have visited on vacations."
  • "My friend's son is in eighth grade this year and got accepted to be on the Teen Advisory Board. She was very proud and was saying how comfortable they are at the library because it was their safe haven when her son was younger. Her husband passed away suddenly and she was alone raising her son and it was emotionally very hard for her being at their home without her husband's presence. But coming to the library gave them something to look forward to. So she would pick her son up from kindergarten and they would come to the library everyday after school until the library closed. Here they found peace and comfort and community."
  • "This place gave me a sanctuary among books. It is the only place I felt like I could express myself as a child."