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Auburn Public Library

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  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Phone: (334) 501-3190
  3. Hours:  M-Th: 8:30AM-8PM F-Sa: 8:30AM-5PM Su: 1PM-6PM

Brandon Rowland


  1. Phone: (334) 501-3298
  2. Email: [email protected]

Our Electronic Services area has 30 Windows PCs available for public use, all of which have the full Microsoft Office Suite installed. In addition, 10 computers are available in Youth Services. We also have the following equipment available for public use:

  • scanners
  • printers (black-and-white and color)
  • electronic magnifier for those with low vision

There is always someone available to help you with computer questions. We can help you scan a document to attach to an email, fill out a job application, submit schoolwork to your professor, or upload pictures from your camera to your Facebook page. Anyone may use the computers. If you do not have a library card, you can get a one day pass at the Help Desk. While the computers are free to use, we do charge nominal fees for printing ($0.10 per page for black and white and $0.25 for color).


Personal laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices can connect to AuburnWeb, our Wi-Fi network. No password is required to connect.

Technology Instruction

We provide one-on-one and small group instruction by appointment. We have a dedicated learning lab for up to 4 students at a time. Larger classes of up to 15 students are taught in our library conference room. Personal instruction and classes are offered at no charge, but we do ask that people who are interested call to register in advance.