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Justice Wahid Cotton

Justice Wahid Cotton

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Developing a new zoning tool

To promote opportunities for greater creativity with developments while preserving the quality of new construction and redevelopment, the City of Auburn is exploring adding a tool to the City’s Zoning Ordinance that will provide for Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning.

The creation of Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) zoning would allow further creative freedom in areas where the current Planned Development District overlay could not be well applied. Like PDDs, a PUD arrangement could allow the City to approve a development plan with restrictions or conditions on the development. It could also allow the easing or removal of requirements from the Zoning Ordinance in exchange for a significant public benefit.

The work approach planned to deliver these services will include review of the City's existing regulations along with a thorough stakeholder process that will include:

  • Interviews with members of the development community.
  • Public meetings to present the proposed regulations.
  • Work sessions with the Planning Commission and City Council to solicit comprehensive feedback in developing PUD regulations that meet the unique needs of the City of Auburn.

The project is anticipated to take 6-8 months to complete. City Council authorized Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. to begin work on Task Order 3 on March 14, 2023 (Res. 23-034).

Individuals interested in the process are invited to comment and provide their email to stay up to date. Comments provided will be shared with the Jacobs team in their assessment.

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Questions may be directed to Dana Raughton at Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. or Logan Kipp with the Auburn Planning Department.