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Brandy Ezelle, P.E.

Traffic Engineer/ Bicycle Coord

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How Do I...

Q: Report Roadway Hazards?
A: Please let us know if you see potholes, debris, glass, or anything else in the roadway or bike lanes. Report hazards using the Auburn FixIt app.

Q: Learn About Sharrows?
A: In 2016 the City of Auburn implemented "Sharrows" on some of our roads. Sharrows remind motorists to "share the road" with cyclists. Remember that Sharrows do not indicate a protected bike lane.
More information on Sharrows in Auburn.

Q: Buy a Helmet?
A: Alabama State Law requires all cyclists under the age of 16 to wear a helmet. Studies have shown that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of severe head and brain injury by up to 88%.

Q: Learn About Cycling Rules and Laws?
A: Travel With Care - an Auburn Campaign for safety

Q: Ride at Night?
A: Many severe accidents between cyclists and motorists occur at night when visibility is low. Here are some ways to keep yourself safe:

  • Proper lights on a bicycle will alert motorists of the need to share the road.
  • Use of a white handlebar-mounted headlight while riding at night is required by law in Alabama and a red rear light is encouraged.
  • The light is not a substitution for a reflector. This is a safety precaution for cases where the light may fail or batteries may die, but the reflector always works.
  • It is also highly recommended to wear a reflective vest, shirt, or ankle straps. Safety gear can easily be found at a sporting goods store or on online shopping sites.
  • Riding with traffic and obeying all traffic laws is always a way to stay safe on the road.

Q: Keep my Kids Safe?
A: Teaching kids to stay safe while cycling is an important dedication of the Auburn Bicycle Committee. The 4th Grade Education Program has been implemented in City Schools since 1999.
It is important to know how kids see traffic so that teaching them the correct traffic laws and safety rules can be done easily. Here are a few guides to help teach kids to stay safe:

Q: Ride in Traffic?
A: It is imperative that cyclists follow the same traffic laws as motorists, such as riding with traffic, not against. Another way to stay safe is the use of hand motions to indicate turning.


How Do I...

Q: Get from A to B?
A: The Routing Tool lets you map out your own starting point and destination.

Q: Get a Map of Existing Bike Trails?
A: Check out these city-wide trails:

Q: Ride Downtown?
A: The City of Auburn has regulations about bicycling in the downtown area. Important to note is not riding on the sidewalks, pedestrians need to be kept safe too!


How Do I...

Q: Request a Bike Rack for a Local Business?
A: You can submit a bike rack request online.

Q: Hear About Cycling Events?
A: Subscribe to our mailing list for seasonal newsletters about biking events in Auburn.

Q: Meet Other Cyclists?
A: The City of Auburn has tons of different weekly group rides that are open to everyone. Some rides are beginner-oriented while others are for race training. Check out the Ride Calendar for more information. There are also many Clubs and Organizations full of fellow cyclists.

Q: Volunteer With the Bike Committee?
A: The Auburn Bicycle Committee is looking for enthusiastic cyclists to help launch some new projects and initiative that need YOUR help. We recognize that individuals have their own special talents and we feel confident that our list of needs has something that can appeal to anyone. Some of the projects need a leader to coordinate other volunteer while some can be worked independently. The best news is that they can be accomplished outside of meetings. Consider fulfilling your civic endeavors by helping us advance cycling in our community.
If you have any questions or want to know how you can help, email Brandy Ezelle. Even better, let us know about your ideas and let’s see if we can make them happen too!


How Do I...

Q: Use the War Eagle Bike Share?
A: In 2016 the University started their Bike Share through GotchaBike. The city is proud to announce that as of Summer 2017 we are partnering with their bike share to offer our citizens the same opportunities.