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Kevin M. Kelly

Kevin M. Kelly

financial/project manager



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The Cemetery Advisory Board was established to give recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Director, the City Manager, the Mayor, and the Governing Body in regards to ownership, regulation, and maintenance of all cemeteries owned by the City.

Board Details Enabling Legislation
Consists of five members Section 6-30(a) of the Auburn City Code
Council appointed Section 6-30(c) of the Auburn City Code
Qualifications: Members may not be City employees and will not be eligible for appointment or election to any other board created by ordinance of the city. Section 6-30(d) of the Auburn City Code
Four-year terms Section 6-30(b) of Auburn City Code
Meets the first Monday of each month at 4 p.m. at the Harris Center Meeting times set by board, shall meet monthly with the Parks Director – Section 6-31 of the Auburn City Code