22 Goals for 2020

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  1. Continue strong community financial support of the Auburn City Schools with the goal of retaining the reputation as one of the outstanding public school systems in the Southeast.
  2. Provide adequate facilities for all City Departments to fulfill their missions of providing services to the Auburn community.
  3. Establish a community learning center that will offer learning opportunities for Auburn adults, such as literacy schooling, GED training, high school diploma classes, and computer oriented activities.
  4. In cooperation with other local governments and school systems, establish an area-wide alternative school to serve at-risk children.
  5. Establish an accredited educational program for three and four year old children in the Auburn City Schools.
  6. Update the land use plan periodically over the next twenty years, including a comprehensive review prior to 2000.
  7. Construct with Auburn University a technology transfer center to promote the commercialization of technology developed at the University.
  8. Complete the construction of the infrastructure of the Auburn Technology Park expansion north of I-85, including an east/west boulevard from South College Street to Cox Road.
  9. Identify and purchase additional suitable property for future industrial parks in order to maintain the City's positive industrial recruitment program.
  10. Build additional parking facilities in downtown Auburn to ensure the prosperity and viability of the central city.
  11. In conjunction with the Alabama Department of Transportation, Auburn University, and other local governments, expand the mass transit program so that all citizens will have access to public transportation.
  12. Construct the roads and streets shown on the current Master Street Plan and update the Master Street Plan at least every five years.
  13. Acquire funding from the Alabama Department of Transportation for the widening of the bridge over I-85 South College Street and to construct a new interchange at I-85 and Cox Road.
  14. Establish a community network of sidewalks and bicycle trails that will allow all citizens to use alternative modes of transportation.
  15. Facilitate community-wide access to the Internet with a goal of becoming a "wired city" to improve the quality and quantity of information sharing between City government and citizens.
  16. Identify and develop water sources that will provide the city with an adequate quantity of potable water.
  17. Upgrade the City's wastewater treatment plants to ensure sufficient capacity to serve the needs of Auburn University and the community.
  18. Provide funding for facilities and programs for the arts through the Auburn City Schools and the Parks and Recreation Department.
  19. Construct a senior citizens center to house expanded programs for Auburn's seniors and a teen center for afternoon and evening recreation for Auburn teenagers.
  20. Acquire and develop additional parks, green spaces, playgrounds, and recreation facilities.
  21. Acquire and develop a new cemetery of sufficient size to serve Auburn through the year 2020.
  22. Continue the strong commitment to maintaining a city where citizens are safe from crime and fire hazards.