Information Technology - GIS

Description: GIS data and/or pre-constructed maps of the City of Auburn may be purchased as described below. If you do not wish to purchase the data various interactive map viewers are available here.

Directions: To request GIS data or a printed map, please follow the links below.

Disclaimer: The City of Auburn, Alabama does not guarantee generated maps to be free from errors or inaccuracies. The City of Auburn, Alabama disclaims any responsibility or liability for interpretations from generated maps or decisions based thereon. The information contained on generated maps is a general representation only and is not to be used without verification by an independent professional qualified to verify such information.


  City of Auburn Public Records Request  The City of Auburn has unified its public records request procedures. All requests are now filtered through the Office of the City Manager.

To request either GIS data or an existing map please submit a request via the Public Records Request Form (available through the link to the left).
  Live Metadata Viewer  View live metadata for all the City's published GIS Data. Metadata is essentially "data about data". It is used to describe it's data, provide technical specifications, and additional information relavent to access, use, constraints, and points of contact.