Welcome to the City of Auburn’s eNotifier System!

To manage your eNotifier subscription please enter your e-mail address to log in and change your preferences. If you do not already have a subscription with the City of Auburn, entering your e-mail address will create an account for you and you can then choose which notifications you wish to receive. You must add your cellular phone number if you wish to receive text messages from the eNotifier system. When adding an e-mail address and/or cellular phone number to our system you will receive a test message. If you do not receive this message please check your spam folder and approve the sender so you may receive the notifications. Standard text messaging rates may apply if your cellular carrier charges you for texting.

City Government and Services

  • Boards and Commissions Vacancy Announcements Subscribe to be alerted when there are vacancies on one of Auburn’s Boards and Commissions.
  • City Council ePacket Provides announcements on City Council agendas. Subscribers to this list will typically receive a link to the City Council packet at the same time that City Council members receive their agenda packet on the Friday prior to Council meetings.
  • Downtown Plan Provides updates on the downtown master plan planning process, including meeting notifications and other announcements. Subscribers will also receive updates on implementation of the downtown plan as the planning process moves forward.
  • Planning Commission BZA ePacket Provides notification to subscribers when each month when new Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment e-packets are posted on the Planning Department webpage.
  • Renew Opelika Road Provides updates on the revitalization process for Opelika Road, including updates on proposed changes to City regulations and proposed streetscape projects.
  • Trash Pickup & Recycling Provides announcements related to your trash, garbage and recycling pickup schedule, including holiday scheduling announcements.

City News and Information

  • Job Vacancy Announcements For notifications about employment opportunities with the City of Auburn.
  • News and Announcements To keep you up to date on most official city press releases and other City announcements at the same time as the media.
  • Open Line For announcements when the latest issue of Open Line is posted to the City’s website.

Leisure Services

  • Athletics - Weather Alert For alerts on field conditions.
  • Bicycle Auburn For for the announcements on Bike Bash and the Auburn Bicycle Committee.
  • Library For information on events, classes, programs, and new services at the Auburn Public Library. We’ll also provide you with announcements regarding holiday closures and other news.
  • Library - Youth Services Provides information on events, classes, and other programs for children, teens, and young adults at the Auburn Public Library.
  • Parks & Rec - Leisure Link Provides notifications when a new Leisure Link has been published on the City of Auburn website.
  • Parks & Rec - Pool For news and announcements regarding the public pools and programs.