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Send bugs flying by pointing to the little girl and pressing your mouse button. This makes a growing bubble.  The longer you hold the button the larger the bubble will grow. The bubble will pop if a bug touches it so be careful. You can move the girl and the bubble to stay away from the bugs. Let go of the mouse button and the girl will jump into the air sending bugs flying! But don't land or step on a bug. Ewww.  That's it!

Except for:
Look for a special blinking bug. If you can catch him in a jump he will leave a special green button. Get the girl to step on it before it disappears and your bubble will be green bugs cannot pop it. But you still can't step on any bugs. And those blinking bugs move faster so beware!


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Use your mouse to move around a fan and blow the balloon. Blow the balloon so that the bottle below picks up falling flowers and adds them to the bouquet for final delivery. That's it!

Except for:
Remember that fan does not attract the balloon but blows it away. Well, that's how fans work, after all. It takes a little practice to get the highest score.

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Use your mouse to move the squirrel back and forth. Click on the mouse button to make the squirrel jump to the next ledge. Be careful, don't fall! Collect as many apples as you can!  That's it!

Except for:
This is soooo hard. I can't do this one very well, can you?

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This is one of my favorite ones, and just in time for those hot days of summer, you can ride a snowball. Point your mouse at the snowball and click on your mouse to jump. You have to jump each rock to get to the bottom. That's it!

Except for:
The snowball gets bigger as you go down, and the hill gets steeper. Each rock is harder to jump. Oh my! I have never gotten to the bottom. Is there a bottom? It does shows how much of the course that I completed, but I never make it to the bottom. Can you make it?

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Use your mouse to drag the ball down by holding down on the mouse button and moving the mouse down. Let it fly by letting go of the mouse button. The more you drag it down, the higher it will fly. You can also aim the ball my moving your mouse from side to side. It is a good idea to aim at colors that are grouped together because the will all disappear at once  Don't let the blocks reach the top! That's it!

Except for:
There is a block with numbers. Hit this block to remove many blocks.. AND there is a block that flashes and changes colors quickly. If you hit this block, every block will change to one color. Good luck on getting the highest score!

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Use your mouse click or space bar to flip an egg from one basket to the basket above. That's it!

Except for:
You only get a dozen eggs, one whole carton, to miss with. See how high you can go as you learn just when to flip the egg. It's a good thing that egg is not scrambled.
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I like this game a lot. In the game you want all the cats to do the same thing, either walk or sit. Clicking on a cat will make a cat walk (when if it is sitting) or sit (when it is walking). However, there is a leader cat, who is in the gray box. Every cat must do what the leader cat does for you to get points. That's it!

Except for:
The cats get tired of walking and they sit down. Or they get tired of sitting and they walk. It will keep you busy keeping them all together. And don't forget to watch what that lead cat is doing! Good luck!

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Kittens jumping on balloons. Awwww. Jump from one balloon to the next by clicking on your mouse and moving your mouse in the direction you want your kitty to jump. Get bonus points for jumping over a balloon. That's it!

Except for:
There is a timer so you don't have a limited amount of time to get a high score. But, you can get more time by jumping on special balloons with clocks on them.

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