Our Library Ambassadors

Library Ambassadors 2014 – 2015


Amena Qazi (Chair)  -  12th  grade,  AHS

Avery McFarland (Publicity)  -  11th  grade,  AHS

Bonnie Zhao (Vice-Chair)  -  12th grade,  AHS

Clara Stanbury (Editor)  -  10th  grade,  AHS

Dami Fusina   -  12th grade,  AHS

Hayley Holt (Programs)  -  9th  grade,  AJHS

Kate Han  -  12th  grade,  AHS

Maggie Rodman (Programs)  -  9th grade,  HS

Nichola Hong   -  12th  grade,   AHS

Soo Baek  -  11th  grade,   AHS

Soorya Rajendran   -  12th   grade,   AHS

Stephen Lee (Secretary)  -  12th grade,  AHS

ZJ Welch  -  11th grade,  AHS


Interested in volunteering at the library?




What is a Student Volunteer?

Any student ages 13 and up may apply to serve as a volunteer. Student volunteers assist the librarians by straightening shelves, checking for shelf accuracy (shelf-reading), shelving materials, assisting with program preparations, and general maintenance of the Youth Services Division.


Who are the Library Ambassadors (LAs)?

LAs are student volunteers who serve as the Auburn Public Library’s teen advisory group. Interested teens living or going to school in Auburn in grades 8 - 12 may apply to join the LAs after serving at least one semester as a student volunteer in Youth Services.


What do they do?

Student volunteers and LAs support and promote the Youth Services Division of the library through:


 Volunteering their time

Recruiting other students to attend events

Assisting the Youth Services librarians

Attending teen programs

Assisting with events for the younger patrons


Student volunteers and LAs have assisted with children’s holiday parties, author events, receptions, crafts, planning youth programs, and gaming events.


What are the benefits of becoming a Student Volunteer?

Students who serve as volunteers meet new people, learn new skills, and may count their time as a volunteer when filling out applications for colleges or jobs. Volunteer time also counts toward National Honor Society and International Baccalaureate’s program requirements. LAs help plan programming and serve as assistants to the Youth Services Librarians.


What are the requirements to volunteer?

Students must be willing to spend at least one hour per week volunteering at the library, and be reliable about their scheduled day and time. They must be willing to do tasks such as shelving library materials, assisting with crafts, and performing general maintenance duties.


When may I join?

Interested students are encouraged to apply for a volunteer position through the Youth Services Librarian. Volunteers serve year round. LAs serve from September –May annually. There are a limited number of slots and positions are filled on a first come/first serve basis as well as by meeting the criteria set forth by the Youth Services Division.


Will I receive training?

Yes, all new student volunteers are expected to participate in a scheduled library volunteer orientation and training session prior to beginning their duties. Dates and times for training are set at the beginning of each semester.


What are the requirements to become a LA?

Students must:

  Have a library card and be in good standing with the library

 Have volunteered in Youth Services for at least one semester

Have attended as many meetings as possible

 Have served at least 10 hours per semester as a volunteer at the library


LAs are part of the Auburn Public Library’s outreach program. As such they are expected to represent the library within the community and therefore are expected to respect and reflect the values of the library.


When do the LAs meet?

The LAs meet once a month, September – May (except December). The day and time is set at the beginning of each semester.



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