Downtown Master Plan Survey #1

What is this Survey, and Why Take it?

The Auburn Downtown Master Plan survey is designed to provide an opportunity for stakeholders like you to communicate your vision for the future of Downtown over the next ten to twenty years. While this survey is not intended to be a scientific or absolute answer, the results will be one of several useful tools for city officials and planners in shaping a meaningful plan for Downtown.

What is the Study Area for This Downtown Plan?

You may view the study area as defined on this map which highlights it in light blue.


The survey includes image rankings (70 images) and several short answer questions (29 questions). Images should be ranked from one to five based on your opinion of the level of appropriateness as a model for future development in various areas of Downtown – 1 being "not appropriate" and 5 being "highly appropriate."

This survey should be quick and fun and should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

Please encourage others to participate in this survey and thank you for your interest in Downtown Auburn!

Survey Ended

Thank you for your interest but this but this survey is now closed.