Residential Property Tax Calculator

A 9 mill property tax increase from 54 mills to 63 mills would increase property taxes in Auburn by approximately 17%. Enter the fair market value of your home in the box below to find the proposed increase in your property tax if the referendum passes.

If you're unsure of the fair market value of your home, please visit http://www.leecountyrevenuecommissioner.com/, click "Online Property Search & Pay" and search for your property by following the instructions provided.

Enter your fair market value
The estimated amount your property taxes will increase if this referendum is passed is $ or approximately $ per month

Disclaimer: This calculator provides an estimate for single family, owner-occupied residential homes only. The proposed property tax on personal vehicles is approximately $13.50 a year per $10,000 of the vehicle’s fair market value. The proposed property tax increase for commercial property will be approximately double the value shown, or approximately $1,800 a year per $1 million dollars in property value.