2015 Special Election

The Auburn City Council has called for a Special Election on April 28, 2015 to ask voters to approve funding for construction of a new Auburn High School.
The vote does not involve any new or increased taxes. Residents will vote on whether bonds may be issued to finance a new high school. Those bonds will be repaid from the 5-mill fund, which exists explicitly for the purpose of repaying bonds for voter approved projects.
The 5-mill fund has been in place since the 1940's, and has previously been used for voter approved projects from the paving of city streets to construction of the Harris Center. Mayor Ham proposed a plan last year to provide additional funding to help Auburn City Schools with their facility needs. The City Council approved the plan as part of the budget process.
Applications for absentee ballots are available now at Auburn City Hall at 144 Tichenor Avenue.
New voters must register to vote by April 13, 2015.