Special Five Mill Referendum


A Special Five Mill Tax Referendum will be placed on the voter ballot on January 24, 2012. The referendum does not call for a new tax or the increase of an existing tax; it asks for voter approval to use proceeds from the Special Five Mill property tax to pay the debt service on bonds issued for specified projects.

Past Special Five Mill projects include the Soccer Complex, Town Creek Park, Yarbrough Tennis Center, Auburn Public Library and Youth Services Addition, Donahue Bridge and Frank Brown Recreation Center Interior Renovations.

Projects are selected based on priorities identified by residents in the annual Citizen Survey and through input from the City's various citizen advisory boards and commissions.

Proposed Five Mill Projects for 2012:

New Senior Center

Senior Center
Architect's rendering of the
proposed Senior Center

Frank Brown Recreation Center Addition

Senior Center and FBRC Addition
Frank Brown Recreation Center Addition $1,300,000
New Senior Center $1,950,000
Total Estimate $3,250,000

Downtown Parking Improvements

In response to priorities identified in the Citizen Survey, this project will consist of the design and construction of numerous improvements to the City’s downtown parking facilities, including:

Downtown Parking Improvements
Design and Construction of New Parking Lot $300,000
Repave West Parking Lot $50,000
Enhance Landscaping/Lighting in West Parking Lot $100,000
Enhance Pedestrian Access $100,000
Implement New Parking Meter System $200,000
Total Estimate $750,000